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It's a standard security service with experienced and well-trained professionals. The main concerns of JSS are the cost, quality and customer satisfaction. Overall, it's the smart and uniformed security force in Chennai.

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Investigation and Background Verification Services

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Why JSS Power Groups

JSS Power Groups helps protect homes, workplaces & communities by providing security services to the clients. We accomplish this by being experienced security professionals, whose role is to make society safer for everyone.
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Thusiastically mesh long-term high-impact infrastructures Client efficient customer service.

Recruitment & Training

Personnel's are recruited based on the norms and requirements of the clients. They were provided with 2 weeks basic training in the areas like traffic control, reporting, first aid, documentation, PT, and prevention of firefighting.

Technical Security

Technical security uses series of techniques used for authentication and protection against theft of sensitive data and information, usually in organizations.

CCTV Systems Network

CCTV Systems to provide quality assured security using anti blur technology to identify bar codes and number plates and store them accurately

All Control Systems

The goal of access All control System is to minimize the risk of unauthorized access to physical and logical systems.

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The security industry is changing and JSS is leading this transformation in which technology is reshaping the industry. Our security solutions incorporate advanced technology content, answering the needs of a wide range of customers acting in many different industries and customer segments.
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